I have worked with Sarah Burke for a number of years. I am continually impressed with her ability to see the big picture and work with countless moving pieces to put a deal together. If you haven’t used Sarah as a mediator, you should. You will not be disappointed.

Sarah Gough, Esq., FLAHERTY & HENNESSY

Sarah knows construction and coverage from every perspective, and is authoritative, well-respected, respectful, and personable. As a discovery referee, she works well with mediators and appointed settlement judges as well as all counsel to ready the cases for negotiations. By getting and keeping the most complex cases under control, she provides for the most efficient resolution whenever possible. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah for the role of Special Master, Mediator or Discovery Referee for any complex construction case.

Melissa Blair Aliotti, Esq., READ & ALIOTTI (now Judicate West)

We had been assigned a courtroom and we were about to start a two-month trial in a construction defect case. The parties had already worn out two mediators and we were nowhere close to resolution. Enter Sarah Burke. In no time, she had mastered all of the complex legal and insurance issues. More importantly, she quickly assessed the interpersonal dynamics that continued to impede the settlement process. Within two weeks, the case was resolved. What is striking about what Sarah achieved is that she was able to bring eight seemingly intractable parties together and make each feel that it had resolved the case without significantly compromising its position. I have used Sarah’s mediation services on several occasions since then and she has delivered every time. Sarah is one of the finest mediators I have ever worked with and I highly recommend her.


Even as a litigant, Sarah was the “go-to” lawyer to close the deal. In just one example, literally in the courthouse, she pulled together over 45 parties to settle a case the Special Master couldn’t close. It’s our good fortune to have her available now as a neutral, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Brian Purtill, Attorney/Mediator

Burke ADR has been excellent to work with. Ms. Burke is readily accessible and guides cases in a timely, cost effective manner. She has the knowledge and flexibility it takes to make a great special master.

Matthew R. Schoech, SCHOECH LAW GROUP

I want to thank you for the great job you did mediating this matter. Even though my client didn’t settle with the other carriers at the original mediation, you continued to follow up with me and with plaintiffs counsel until we were able to reach an agreement. It was most appreciated.  Now I know why you were so highly recommended. Thanks again.

Carolyn A. Mathews, MURCHISON & CUMMING, LLP

Thank you for the extraordinary job you performed to keep the settlement boat afloat.

Matthew P. Harrington, Esq., HUGHES & GILL

Thank you again for the highly efficient job you did on this mediation. We and our clients were appreciative of both the quality of the mediation and your respect for everybody’s time.  Looking forward to working with you again.


Simply stated, Sarah knows what she is doing and she is good at it.


I have known Sarah for several years and she has quickly become one of the best mediator/special masters in the Bay Area.  She is able to juggle all the competing interests and other factors in some very difficult and complex cases and is consistently a voice of reason in guiding the parties to a pragmatic common sense resolution whether it’s a day to day discovery dispute, or settlement of a large case.

Michael Kennedy, BERDING & WEIL

Sarah Burke is one of the most practical, personable and effective mediator/special masters in the business. I have worked with Sarah repeatedly in a variety of contexts and have witnessed firsthand her superb lawyering skills which served as the foundation for a broad based understanding of the mechanics and machinations that often glut up the court system and grind complex litigation matters to seemingly irreconcilable standoffs. I have also witnessed Sarah’s wisdom, no nonsense approach and experience as a mediator/special master guide parties to effective resolutions that seemed unattainable. Her knowledge of insurance, liability, discovery and procedure are extensive and her demeanor and skill set are more likely to result in a positive (or at least streamlined) outcome than many others offering the same service.


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